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16 May 2015

Finished with Finish... For a While

Starting to feel like home...
Walls will fill, eventually, with artwork, pictures and maps

to break up that stark, raving white.

Anke on the settee... sitting room and bunk form an open, social space.

Dinette makes down into a snug double bunk or generous single.
Table was prep-o torched before finish, a technique shown us by friend JC Thomas.

Finished with Finish... For a While

One of the things you should never, never do is move into a construction site. Dust gets everywhere, tools mingle with the cutlery, stuff gets moved again and again, and, and, and...

So of course we did.

Not our first time, either. LUNA was only roughed in when we moved aboard at launch at the end of one November... neither paint nor heat as winter came on.

Now, it's summer coming on. Boat only partially decked and coppered. Plenty of sawdust yet to permeate our belongings.

Slow learners.

But ya do the necessary, and roll with the world as it surprises you. And it ain't so bad, after all. Mostly.

Last night we spent our first night in our new bunk. Lit a candle and sipped a little wine in celebration. Slept like babes and woke to that lovely feeling of being in our own home.

We can only imagine the movement of water beneath and around us. The darkling world silhouetted beyond our windows. The promise of a woodfire to blunt the morning's chill. But our imagination is alive and well...

And, now, we need a little bit less of it.

A quick video tour of the interior, to date


  1. Posted on behalf of JOHN:

    So now we know its name. SV Wayward. A good name. :)

    Very nice to see the interior photos and video. A cosy, practical homestead.


    1. Hi John,

      Thanks! Now all we have to do is finish it. 8)

      And yes, we settled on WAYWARD... I'll post the backstory in a few days.

      Dave Z

  2. Hey Dave
    That's some progress you have made. I like the simplicity and practicality of it all. Wayward is a good name for a sailing boat. I'll have to try to think up a alternative name to the ones my wife has come up with recently: The Old Toad, or the Grumpy Toad..... I think she maybe referring to the old man here!

    1. Hi Joel,

      Thanks! Hopefully we can get the outside caught up in short order.

      Hmm... TOAD HALL? Toad had a few choice names for himself, as well. But your boat's too pretty for them. The Hall was a handsome residence, however. 8)

      Dave Z

  3. To tell the truth, it is a little hard to see how 30 grand in materials for a boat is exactly shoestring living. Maybe it's different on the water, but where folks around here live close to the land, owning our own little places, people are very hard pressed to gather into one place a little pile of money one-sixth of that. HARD pressed. Speaking for myself, as I've watched many a story unfold, I've found that the secret behind more than one tale of "alternative" lifestyle turns out to be either inherited moeny or former corporate chicanery. (Also, all too often what also goes along with the "alternative" life style is a fair amount of american-style high-end consumption posing as 'simplicity.")

    1. Hi Revolutionary One,

      You're right. We don't consider this boat to be shoestring. Long story behind the decision.

      Materials came out to about $25K, delivered, after wangling some discounts. Roughly 20% of that is shipping and handling. About 10% was a safety margin, considering costs of another order. $9K went for copper plate, which we believe pays for itself over time.

      Result is about $20K (factoring out AK build... $11K without copper). Our home and vehicle for about the price of an economy sedan (new).

      Financial inputs included a '5 year plan', saving 1/2 to 2/3 of income. AK PFD averaging about $1K per year, each. Winter caretaking. Plans sales from TBoats (about $1K/yr). Proceeds from SLACKTIDE's sale ($4K).

      No inheritance in sight, and if TBoats has any chicanery in sight, I'm missing it. But our CEO is a rascally fellow... 8)

      I do consider our lifestyle to be shoestring, but am aware it's a very relative term. Living with very low overheads, and steady if seasonal jobs for this period, allow us this 'sprint'... but only if we remain otherwise frugal.

      I'm curious... You mention folks own their own places. And I presume a vehicle or two? Do you have an idea of the monetary cost of getting established? Property, building(s), vehicles? Does the care and feeding of vehicles amount to a heavy burden on otherwise disposable income? My guess is, barring inheritance, the numbers will stack up fairly even.

      If you prefer, please drop me a line by email (trlloboats atta gmail dotta com). Shoestring economics is a fascinating subject!

      Dave Z

  4. Hi Dave!!. You built a nice road legal liveabord boat. Do you plan to tow it to some distant destinations using the roads? Cheers!!!

    1. Hi Ricardo,

      We don't plan to trailer this one... It's extra heavily built for rough groundings, and our gear and stores run heavy, as well.

      Containerized shipping is more attractive. We went to the considerable extra work to narrow SLACTIDE to 7ft beam (less than full sheet construction) in order to preserve that option. WAYWARD will have to settle for deck loading, should we succumb to a south sea fantasy.

      More likely though, we'd sail her...

      Still, we're happy happy in our Alaskan waters. Seems a little less likely we'd sail away with each passing year.

      Dave Z


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