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08 October 2016

Kiss o' the Sea

Dippin' a Toe

All beginnings are delightful;
The threshold is the place to pause.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Kiss o' the Sea

We made it to the tideline!

Our host passed through between fishing trips, built a hospital grade muffler from scratch(!), repaired his excavator (a mighty beast... sorry, no pics), remodeled the approach to the beach and hauled us to within spitting distance of the water. Very humbling!

Tides are dropping for a few days, before springing back... we should be floating - skids and all - by the end of the week.

Our view - for so long congested to port and starboard - has opened into sweeping vistas. Our windows are now  full of beauty.

It's... it's... like reawakening!

Sailing is still a ways off. We've got sails sewn but no rig. Rudder (not installed) but no offcenter-boards. Galley but no stowage.

But we can almost taste it!


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