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04 January 2015

The Winter of Our Discontent... Well... Sorta

Sunrise at a decent hour.

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this son of York;
And all the clouds that low'r'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried. 

-- William Shakespeare from Richard The Third

The Winter of Our Discontent... Well... Sorta

Still waiting on 'glorious summer'. But gotta admit that winter has its own pleasures.

Our project has come a ways since last you heard from us (posting on that, soon), but we're slogging against low temps and wet. Meanwhile, many of the winter chores are coming due on the caretaker side of our arrangement (sawing wood in freezing weather). Construction personnel come and go, with varying degrees of unforeseen social and site-related interactions. The holidays sapped our will with temptations and gratifications.

In short, we're 'slow as molasses in January'.

But we're in a gorgeous spot, overlooking two of the shoal, intricate waterways we love. To the southwest is unlimited line-of-sight to the horizon. To the west and south snow enshrouded peaks and ridges soar over the dark conifers of our foreshore. The animals of winter delight in the paradise we all inhabit, feasting, socializing and playing in sheltered nooks.

So we're picking away, as we can. The bottom is complete and coppered, and the boat lowered off the jigs. The mid-deck is soon to be completed. We've started upholstery projects near the fire. Even managed one coat of clear on the salon and bunk overheads.

Meanwhile, a batch of spruce wine turned out tasty. Our fire is warm and our hearts joyous.

Tipping a cup o' kindness your way, dear Readers, and wishing you well for the New Year!


Dave and Anke

PS. This just in... a head-to-head of the Split Junk Rig we're planning vs Bermudian. Thanks to RWL at for the heads up!


  1. Really good to hear your spirits still soaring and winter is not stopping progress. Really look forward to seeing the finished project! Best of 2015 wishes to you both.

    1. Thanks, Bob... we're thinking of you in your balmy, other world!

      Hang on for the 2015 ride... interesting times. Let's hope for a safe ride.

      Dave Z

  2. Hi Dave, in addition to your comments on the article, I note that the junk rigged ship was a bargin basement special rebuild of an abandoned hull, with extra weight, going against one with all the toys money could buy. His bill for upgrading the hardware alone was probably more than the cost of the junk rigged ship. For those of us who are on a budget, knowing that it was pretty close in performance to the most expensive option was nice.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      I believe you're right on cost.

      I've since found that several other factors widened the gap, which is nevertheless encouragingly small. As cruisers (vs racers), it's a good news article, demonstrating a quantum leap in an already great (junk) rig.

      Dave Z


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